Spoof Paytm APK: Download Latest Version To Prank Your Friends

We all love to do and see pranks with our family and friends. Our satisfaction level goes up when we see their hilarious reactions. Do you know there is an app that you can use for pranks? By making fake receipts, spoof Paytm helps you prank your fellows. This is a free app that helps you prank successfully. Spoof Paytm generates receipts that look just the same as Paytm receipts; they are so real that you won’t be able to differentiate them. The Paytm Spoof APK is available on Android. You can use it only for legal purposes. This fake application is similar to the Paytm app. You can prank by showing fake transactions using this fake Paytm app.

What is the Spoof Paytm App?

The Paytm spoof app is similar to the Paytm app. It can generate fake Paytm receipts, so you can easily prank people. It works and looks like the real Paytm by providing a simple and easy-to-use interface. Spoof Paytm is a fake version of Paytm and is completely harmless. The main purpose of spoof Paytm is to help have some fun and prank the people around it. Make sure not to use the application for illegal purposes because no person will be responsible for any kind of trouble, including the developer of the app. The idea and design of the app were taken by the Paytm app. Paytm is a popular Indian app for online banking, payments, transactions, billing, recharge, and online shopping. The below table shows some important information about, The Paytm spoof app:

App name Spoof Paytm
Version V10.18
Size 8.3MB 
Updated on25th April 2024 
Required Android 4.1 and up 
Developer nameHitesh Verma 
Category of the App Tools 

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Paytm Spoof App: Key features 

The app has various amazing features, it is easy to use, users don’t need to login. Lets see these features in detail: 

  • Easy to use – Paytm Spoof is a very easy and simple app that anyone can use. Users with no technological knowledge can easily use it. It looks the same as the real Paytm app. 
  • No Login – Login is not mandatory in Paytm Spoof. Users don’t have to go through a long and annoying login procedure nor do they have to sign up to use the app. Just download it and use it for pranks. 
  • Free to use – One of the best feature is the app is completely free. It means you do not need money to use Spoof Paytm for fun. Every feature and tool of this app is free. 
  • Less space consumption – Spoof Paytm uses much less space than Paytm. The app consumes 10MB less than the real Paytm. 
  • Ads are free – Users are free from the annoying ads that pop up while using the app. All the bugs and problems of Paytm spoof are fixed, so you can use the app without facing any problems.
  • Similar to the original app – The Paytm spoof is a fake copy of the Real Paytm app. 

Use of Spoof Paytm app 

Users can use this app for pranks and fun. You can make pranks with your friends. Use the app to show them huge fake transactions and fool them easily. The application is considered for fun purposes and enjoyment with friends and family.  Don’t use it for illegal purposes; you will be in jail and consider this act a crime. 

Updates: Paytm Spoof 

Some people submitted bugs and problems with the app after the official release. So, the developer has released a new version of this app to remove all these bugs and problems. These are some updates of the Paytm spoof app:

  • Bugs are removed 
  • App works much faster now
  • All the errors were removed 
  • Performance is improved 
  • Ads are removed 
  • Now, updated to the latest version V10.17 

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Requirements to run the Paytm Spoof app 

There are no specific requirements needed to install and run Paytm Spoof, such as specific RAM, an android version processor, etc. However, these are some basic requirements needed for Paytm spoof;

  • A stable internet connection is mandatory to run or install the Paytm app. 
  • Android version 4.1 is required.
  • Users of this app can run it on a mobile having a Ram of 512 MB.
  • No root is required for a Paytm spoof. 


People are finding the app a little interesting and enjoyable. Helpful for pranks and enjoyment. Official developers do not allow users to use it for illegal purposes. You will also like this application. Paytm Spoof is safe and secure for use. This is all about Paytm Spoof. I hope you liked the information. 

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