AP Meebhoomi: Bhulekh Andhra Pradesh,View Meebhoom Land Record Online

MeeBhoomi is the official Portal for land records in Andhra Pradesh. The Portal offers services related to Andhra Pradesh’s land records. It was launched in 2015 by the government of Andhra Pradesh. It aims to make land record details easily reachable to Andhra Pradesh Citizens online. In the Mee Bhoomi bhulekh portal, you can see land record details like Property ownership, Village maps, Crop details, water sources, soil type, and other details. 

Portal Name MeeBhoomi 
Launched by Government of Andhra Pradesh 
Year 2015 
Email ID Meebhoomi-ap@gov.in
Managed by Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh 
Official website https://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/
Contact Toll-free – 14400

MeeBhoomi: Benefits for users 

  • Users can access land records like MeeBhoomi FMB, Adangal, ROR, and other information.
  • Anyone from Andhra Pradesh can use this Portal.
  • The Portal ensures fairness in maintaining certificates and land records procedures.
  • You can easily check all state land records.

MeeBhoomi: Services this Portal provides

MeeBhoomi: Services this Portal provides
  • Users can check land records, Aadhar card links, etc
  • Survey number
  • Patta names
  • Mee Seva
  • Village landlords list 
  • AP 1B land record details 
  • Electronic passbooks
  • Crop Type and Adangal Survey 
  • Pattadar Passbook Statistics 
  • AP FMB 

MeeBhoomi: Adangal 

It is a document that contains information like land area, liabilities, land type, etc. Village administrators kept these documents. It provides detailed property information and is very helpful for property transactions, enabling users to buy and sell land. 

MeeBhoomi: 1B Record 

It is a document which serves as a tehsildar’s record of the property. It is managed by the State Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh. It holds legal information that users can utilize in court proceedings, verifying information about property sellers securing bank loans, etc.

Check land records: MeeBhoomi.

You can check land records in the MeeBhoomi portal. Visit the Portal and check. This Portal offers information like village maps, e-passbook status, FMB land conversion, and other land record-related documents for Andhra Pradesh. 

Check Adangal: MeeBhoomi 

Visit the Mee Bhoomi Homepage and click on land details. Then choose your Adangal, Village, Adangal. You can check Adangal’s details by following the steps below. 

Check Adangal: MeeBhoomi 

Step 1 – Enter your Land Details

Visit the official website and click for land details, then choose your District and village, then select your land location. After this, select Adangal land record and then pick one Khata Number or Entire Village, then enter the number and fill in the Captcha; now click on the view button to view.

Step 1 – Enter your Land Details

Step 2 – View your Adangal 

View your Adangal 

You can view your Adangal report. In the Adangal report, you will see land description, water, area, account number, pattaadaru number, remarks, and more details. If you want to copy the details, you will see a print button there. Click on it and obtain your Adangal copies. 

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Check 1B: MeeBhoomi 

To check 1B or village 1B, visit the official website of MeeBhoomi online. On the homepage, you will see an option to click on your land details. Click on this option. The steps below are for checking 1B on the MeeBhoomi portal. 

checking 1B on the MeeBhoomi portal. 

Step 1 – Enter land details 

Visit the official Portal and choose your Land location after selecting your District Mandal and village to check your 1B and village 1B details. After this, choose your ROR-1B land record. Then click on one khata number or an entire village. If you choose one khata number, then enter the number, input the Captcha, and click on the click button. 

Step 2 – View 1B and Village 1B 

View 1B and Village 1B 

Now, you can see the 1B information on your screen. If you want to print the 1B document, click the print button on your screen. In this document, you can see information like survey number, Name of the graduate, land description, area, mutation Acceptance date, and cultivated information. 

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Check your LP map and Village map: MeeBhoomi. 

Visit the official website of MeeBhoomi. Click on the land details, and then you will see options listed on your screen, such as the LP map, FMB, and village map. Click on the option that you want to see in this Portal.

Step 1 – Enter land details 

After visiting, select your District, Mandal, and village, then select your land location to view your Village map. After this, select your FMB maps land records and click one option, either One khata number or village map. If you want to view the village map, then choose the option and, enter Captcha, click on the view button. 

Enter land details 

Step 2 – View the Village map 

Now you can see the village map with all the details of the land area. This map will help users to know the exact area of the land. 

This map will help users to know the exact area of the land. 

Download ROR 1B: MeeBhoomi 

Follow these steps to Download ROR 1B.

  • Visit the official website and click on the 1B option 
  • Download your personal 1B or Village 1B
Download ROR 1B: MeeBhoomi 
  • You will see a form, fill in all the details, and submit it 
  • After this, you can see ROR 1B

Download Electronic Passbook: MeeBhoomi. 

To download your electronic passbook, follow these steps.

Download Electronic Passbook: MeeBhoomi. 

Step 1 – Enter land details 

Enter land details

Visit the website and select your District, mandal, and village. Then choose your land location, enter your account number, enter Captcha, and click on the view button.

Step 2 – Download E-Passbook 

You will receive an OTP on your mobile number, then submit the OTP to download the electronic passbook. Now, you can download an electronic passbook from this Portal. 

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Link Adhar card: MeeBhoomi 

These are the steps to link the Aadhaar card to the MeeBhoomi portal. 

Step 1 – Visit the official website, click on the Adhar/other identities option, and select the Adhar linking option.

Link Adhar card: MeeBhoomi 

Step 2 – Now, on the next page, enter details such as city, District, village, and account number.

 city, District, village, and account number.

Step 3 – After completing the process, you can link your Aadhaar card with the MeeBhoomi portal. 

Check land complaint: MeeBhoomi. 

Follow the given steps to check the land complaint. 

  • Visit the Portal and click on the complaint option
  • Then select the status of your complaints
  • Enter the district name and complaint number on the next page
  • Fill in the Captcha and click on the view button. 

Service charges: MeeBhoomi 

Service charges on the MeeBhoomi portal are given in the table below. 

Service type Charges 
ROR-1B Rs 25 
Adangal Rs 25 
Old Adangal Rs 35 
Adangal Corrections Rs 35 

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