West Bengal Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information

How to use Banglar Bhumi | भूलेख पश्चिम बंगाल | बांग्लार भूमि

Banglar Bhumi is an online portal launched by the government of Bengal. It offers services regarding the lands of Bengal; users can check land records online in this portal. This portal aims to provide land records, land ownership, mutations, etc., so the users who struggle to view this information in a long queue can quickly get the information just by sitting at home. In this portal, you can check online Khatian and plot information, land details, RS-LR plot information, mouza map, property owner(ROR), and other land records online. 

Banglar Bhumi provides these services, managed by the authorities of West Bengal. The Land Reform and Refugee Relief Department of the West Bengal government is responsible for the administration of land records in the state. Below is a small table that shows Banglar Bhumi’s information. 

Portal Banglarbhumi 
Services Khatian & Plot information, mouza map, and other land records of West Bengal 
Launched  Government of West Bengal 
Manage Land and land reforms, RefugeeRelief and rehabilitation 

Registration: Banglarbhumi Portal 

The Banglar Bhulekh bhumi portal allows only registered users to view land records. So, users have to register first using the Banglarbhumi portal. Visit the website, and there you will see the signup option; click on it. After this, you will see a registration form that includes the following details such as – 

  • Guardian’s name 
  • Applicant name 
  • Address 
  • The municipality ( this is optional )
  • User type 
  • P.S. Name 
  • Your Email 
  • Your Mobile number 
  • Your District
  • Pin Code 
  • Password (create a password and note it down so that you can’t forget it)
  • Captcha Code 

After filling out the form, submit the form, and you will be registered to the website 

Login: Banglarbhumi portal 

After registering on this portal, whenever you visit the portal you have to log in with your username and password, which you created at the time of registering. After login, you can apply for the West Bengal Bhumi land records and other services you need. 

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Search Khatian and plot number information: Banglar Bhumi

You can search for information regarding Khatian and the plot number in this portal. Visit the official website of Banglar Bhumi to check online services related to land records of West Bengal. Some of the steps are given below; you can check the information by following these steps. 

Login: Banglarbhumi portal 
  • Step 1 – Know your property 
Know your property 

Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi. On the home page, you will see many options like citizen services, mouza information, and others. Find an option named Know your property. Click on this option to check details regarding Khatian and plot number.

  • Step 2 – Mouza Identification 

On the next page, you will see a form in which you have to select your district, Block, and Mouza. After this, select your Khatian type, and you will see two options to search, one is to search by Khatian, and another is to search by Plot. Select any of the options, enter the number, and then solve the Captcha. Then, you have to click on the view button. 

  • Step 3 – See Khatian and plot details. 

After step three, your Khatian and Plot information will appear on the screen. Now, you must verify various details regarding Khatian and the Plot. The below table shows some details you have to give.

Khatian details Plot details 
Khatian Number Plot Number 
Total Land/Total plot Remark 
Owner Name Classification of land 
Address Share the area in Acres 
Father/Husband Name Share of owner

RS-LR plot information: check on the Banglarbhumi portal 

RS-LR plot information: check on the Banglarbhumi portal 

Visit the Banglarbhumi portal and then click on the Citizen Service Tab. There, you will see an option, RS-LR information. Click on this. After clicking on this, you have to select your Mouza from the Mouza information to see the RS-LR information. After that, you will see two options appear on your screen; you have to select any one of them to check RS-LR plot information. These are the two options 

1) L.R. Plot Number

2) R.S. Plot Number 

Select any options and enter the Plot number and Captcha, then click on the view button to see the RS-LR plot information. After this, you can see the LR-RS plot information for West Bengal. 

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Land records: Banglar Bhumi portal 

There are various things related to the land record of Bengal that are available on the Baglarbhumi portal. The land records that are available on this portal are the following – first click on special citizenship service after visiting this portal then:

  • Online application > 
  • Conversion application 
  • Mutation application 
  • Fees payment 
  • Warish application 
  • Online service status >
  • Conversion status 
  • Warish status 
  • 30 days notice mutation case 
  • Mutation status 
  • The payment status of land revenue 
  • Mutation plot Khatian status 
  • Find Case number 
  • GRN search 
  • In citizenship service > Online Application 
  • Conversion application 
  • Fees payment 
  • Warish application 
  • Mutation application 
  • Application number, recovery 
  • No dues certificate 
  • Land revenue application 
  • Online Service Status >
  • Conversion status 
  • Mutation status 
  • Warish status 
  • Mutation plot Khatian status 
  • Service delivery >
  • ROR request 
  • Plot map request 
  • Mouza map request 
  • Plot information request 
  • Signed ROR/PI/PLM copies 
  • GRN Search 
  • Application/ Receipt Reprint 
  • RS-LR Information 
  • Land Classification 
  • Mouza Map Availability Details 
  • Query Search 
  • Public Grievance 
  • Know your property (Khatian and Plot information)
  • Mouza information 
  • E-Challan Services
  • Challan Reprint 
  • Challan Generate 

These are the information the Banglarbhumi portal provides. You can see these services on the portal. 

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Banglar Bhumi Portal: Helpline number 

If you need any help or something you want to know related to this portal, you can contact them. You can contact the director of land records, and if you wish to send them, then use the email given below. Contact information for this portal is given below. 

Director of Land Records 35, survey building, Gopal Nagar Road, Kolkata – 700027
Email address
Phone number 033-2479-5726

This is all about this portal. We hope you liked the information about the Banglar Bhumi portal.

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