Bhulekh Telangana: View Dharani Land Record Online

Dharani is a Bhulekh Bhoomi portal of the Telangana government. The portal provides land record services online. Dharani portal also provides an NRI portal. Users can also view mutation, PPB-court cases, PPB semi-urban land, NALA without passbook, lease, succession, partition, NALA, GPA, PPB by institution, and duplicate PPB. You can also register GPA and DAGPA, registration of sales and gifts, etc. 

Suppose DGPA, AGPA, and GPA are associated with agricultural land before the launch of the Dharani portal. In that case, you need to apply to ensure that they are valid in the Dharani portal. 

Dharani: Application for making DGPA and GPA 

Follow the given steps for making GPA and DGPA applications. 

  1. GPA holder: User’s name, father or husband’s name, age, gender, applicant occupation, and Aadhar number.
  2. Registration: you need to register the year of documentation, SRO office, and document number. 
  3. Property: Mandal name, District name, PPB number, survey number, village name, etc.
  4. Property owner: User name, father’s or husband’s name, gender, age, applicant occupation, and Aadhar number. 

Key features: Dharani online portal 

  1. It is helpful for Telangana applicants to view land details on this portal. 
  2. It is a single source for managing Telangana’s land records. Land records of Telangana include these services: surveys, maps, settlement operations, textual documents, etc.
  3. If the citizen’s registration is completed, this portal offers an automated activation for mutation. 
  4. Users can view all data facts related to Telangana’s land records in this portal.
  5. The portal stays up to date; it maintains all the data on a real-time basis using the GIS tools.
  6. This portal also informs the purchase, sale, and mortgage of any land on a real basis to update stakeholders. 

Check your land records: Dharani portal. 

These are some steps to check land records in the Dharani portal online in Telangana. 

  1. Visit the official website to find register document details options. Click on it.
  2. Then, enter details such as your district, sub-register office, book type, registration year, and document number to check the details of your land record. 
  3. After filling in all the information, submit it. 
  4. After this, you will get access, and you can see land record details of Telangana.

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Services available at the Dharani portal 

Various land-related services are available on the Dharani portal. You can view it on the official website. The services list that is available on this portal is given below. 

  1. Land conversion /NALA
  2. Land valuation certificate 
  3. Public data entry 
  4. Certified copy 
  5. Payment of registration 
  6. Succession/ Mutation 
  7. Encumbrance certificate 
  8. Agriculture income certificate 
  9. Duty and fee calculator 
  10. View receipts 
  11. View unit rates 
  12. Track applications 
  13. Slot booking and rescheduling 
  14. Encumbrance search 

Check ROR-1B and Pahani documents using Khata or survey number: Dharani portal 

Follow these steps to check ROR-1B and Pahani on the Dharani portal. 

  1. Visit the Dharani official portal.
  2. Enter the details such as district, division, village, Mandal, and then enter khata or survey number.
  3. Click on get details, now you will see the ROR-1B and Pahani document on your screen.

Check your application status: Dharani portal.

These are some steps to check the application status on the Dharani portal.

  1. Visit the Dharani portal.
  2. Enter the application number and registration document to check your application status.
  3. Click on submit and view your application status on the screen.

Check your registered document details: Dharani portal

These are some steps to check your Dharani portal.

  1. Visit the official website. 
  2. Enter details including district, SRO, Book type, registered year document number, etc. 
  3. Fill in the captcha, and you will see your registered document details on the screen. 

Register at Dharani portal. 

These are some steps to sign up for this portal.

  1. Visit the official website of Telangana Bhulekh. 
  2. On the homepage, you will see an option: click here to avail of Dharani citizen services. 
  3. On the next page, you have to enter details like your name, email ID, state, district, mobile number, state, village, address, and pincode. 
  4. Then click on Get OTP  to sign up on this portal.

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Sign in to Darani portal 

These are some steps to sign in to this portal. 

  1. Visit the official website. 
  2. Click on login, and on the next page, enter details such as user type, username, and password to sign in. 
  3. Fill in the captcha and get a login on the Dharani portal.

Apply for EC: Dharani portal. 

Visit the official website to apply for an Encumbrance certificate. Then, log in to the portal and select services like EC for your property to apply for an EC document. 

Get a certified copy of Webland Telangana: Dharani portal 

These are some steps you have to follow to get a certified copy of webland.

  1. Visit the official website
  1. Find the link to the government form, click on it
  2. On the next page, click on the form link that you want
  3. Fill the form
  4. Download it 
  5. Submit it along with the required documents to the nearest tehsil 

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Download land distribution report: Dharani portal 

  1. Visit the official portal 
  1. Find the land distribution report option and click on it
  2. Enter the details and then click on the generate button 
  3. The land distribution details will be downloaded on your phone; you can check it or print it out 

Link Aadhaar card: Dharani portal 

These are some steps to follow to link the Aadhaar card to this portal.

  1. Download the Dharabi app for UID seeding 
  2. Visit the app and click on UIDSEED live 
  3. Log into your account and click on the seed Aadhaar card 
  4. Enter your Aadhar number and pattadars mobile number, and you will receive a notification of Aadhar seeding finished 
  5. Fill in the details and click on sign-out

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